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I was born in Tuscany in the middle of Italy at the beginning of the 80s.

Photography has always been my passion because I like to change my point of view.

Some years ago I bought my first reflex camera and I joined a photography course in a local club (www.ilbacchino.it). Since then, I fell in love with photography and I worked hard to increase my technical knowledge and my taste.
In my spare time, that it's never enough, I like to discover the world around me through the eyes of my camera.

I did a selection of my works, and I created this website to share them with other people.
The images on this website are taken in the area where I live in and its surroundings, but there are also photos that I have taken during my vacation trips, that are always not enough and too short!.

While you browse through these pages you will notice that the photos in the home page and in the header are randomly choosen, so I suggest you to check the home page more than one time. Inside the web gallery the first images are the more recent.
Also the quotes in home page change on every visit.

If you have suggestions, questions or simply you want to share your ideas with me you can contact me here, or you can find me on the social medias using the links in the footer.

I hope to see you soon.